Dr. Barbara Custer O.M.D.


Dr. Barbara Custer, Lac. O.M.D. was acknowledged by San Francisco Focus Magazine as one of the top Oriental Medicine Doctors in the San Francisco Bay Area and voted Best of Marin. She has been practicing Oriental Medicine for thirty years and has helped many people to reverse disease patterns and create optimum health.

Dr. Barbara Custer is a graduate of the North American College of Acupuncture Vancouver Canada and Hong Kong. She did a clinical internship with Dr. Tamura Heiji in Kyoto, Japan and took advanced classes at the Meji School of Oriental Medicine. She received her PhD in 1983 from The California Acupuncture School in Santa Barbara, California. She currently holds a state and national license.

She works in private practice in Mill Valley, CA where she specializes in designing optimum health programs using Western medical testing, cleansing and detox programs, and natural treatment protocols. She is currently finishing recipes using superfoods and supplements, creating healthy no-sugar shakes, drinks, protein bars and desserts. Dr. Barbara Custer takes on-going classes at Sur la Table and the San Francisco Cooking School. She is currently studying with the Matthew Kenney Organic cooking school, Venice Beach, Ca.  

“If we want to eat for health, we need to know what we are eating and why it is good for us. With this understanding we can make more conscious, healthy, diet choices to use “food as medicine”. 

-Dr. Barbara Custer